CIC Student Personal Accident Cover

The Policy will provide monetary payments in the event of body injury sustained by the insured. it covers injuries caused by violent, accidental external and visible means subject to the option selected by the insured. 
Cover is available under the following benefits:
• Death 
• Permanent total disability 
• Medical expenses 
• Artificial appliances 
• Funeral expenses 
Claims Procedures: 
1.Notification to the insurance company should be done as soon is reasonably and not late than 7 days. 
2.The following documentation should be submitted to the insurance company: 
• Duly completed claim from 
• Police abstract in case of road accident or assault 
• Physician examination reports 
• Original medical receipts in case medical expenses are incurred 
• Death certificate 
• Burial permit
Plan I II
Death 100,000200,000
Permanent total disability100,000200,000
Medical expenses30,00050,000
Artificial appliances20,00020,000
Funeral expenses30,00030,000
Applicable premium – 3 months350600
6 months500850
12 months8501350