Welcome to our Kasarani campus

Power Star Building 1st Flr, Kasarani- Mwiki Road,

Tel: 0700346509 / 0712848706 / 0700352546, Email: kasarani@iat.ac.ke, Twitter: @IATKasarani, Facebook: Iat Kasarani Campus

Our Kasarani campus is situated along the Kasarani-Mwiki road power star supermarket Building 1st floor.Our customer service is top notch and with friendly staff ready to assist at every turn, you can never go wrong with us.

The continuous employment of our graduates by reputable organizations especially during internship is a testament to the high quality education offered by Institute of Advanced Technology as a whole.

Feel free to visit, call, text us before during and after your stay with us, and remember to tag a friend along.

Campus Amenities

Internet Connectivity

When in the campus, you can also enjoy free and fast wireless internet in your smartphone or laptop

All the computers in the Centre are connected to broadband Internet to augment research and the library


 We have a fully stocked library with current books and journals for students’ reference as they take their journey of studying at IAT.

Serene Enviroment

The facility is spacious with sufficient natural lighting, we have an adept team that works tirelessly as a family to accord our clients the best in the industry.

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