IAT Limited is a Kenyan computer training organization, established in August 1991.

We conduct our training business using highly practical and hands-on exercises ensuring that our clients retain the skills learnt. In a span of ten years, IAT has grown to become the leading computer training organization in East & central Africa.



The Institute's 7 Campuses in Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru are equipped with modern learning facilities. The use of classroom discussions, private consultations with the course instructors, and visual aids, is geared towards developing a high degree of retention of the core concepts. We also conduct in-house training on request at client premises.

IAT is proud to have been selected by Microsoft Corporation to deliver training in the use of Microsoft products in Kenya. To qualify as a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centre, the institute has to satisfy stringent criteria relating to facilities, standards of instruction and product knowledge. To this extent, the title Certified Technical Education Centre indicates the achievement of an internationally recognized standard in computer training.

Our Instructors Meet Our Expectations so they can meet yours Understanding computers does not mean that you have the ability to teach someone how to use them. Before our instructors are allowed to teach you, they undergo a three-month intensive train-the-trainer programme conducted by senior management. The instructor's training skills are polished to make sure that every student learns effectively.

A Helping Hand We understand that not every student is a genius with computers. That is why our instructors are available for out of class one-on-one assistance to ensure that no student gets left behind. There is no extra charge for this assistance-it is part of our commitment to you.

We Carry the Stamp of International Approval Our partners, such as Microsoft Corporation, Lotus Corporation, the UK National Computing Center (NCC) , E*BCL (European Business Competence License) and International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Foundation are renowned world class leaders in providing computer and Business training and certification. They have entrusted us to look after their reputation. We are proud to conduct authorized training and testing on their behalf.

Each Hour of End User Instruction Is a Result of 20 Hours of Careful Thought Some of our finest instructors are dedicated full time to creating user friendly, practical end-user courses. We design an easy reference handbook, which each student can continue to use long after completing the course.


Our Values

  1. Our customers will always be the Centers of our focus.
  2. We believe in offering the best value in our industry, by making quality services affordable.
  3. We believe in aggressively promoting our products and services.
  4. We believe in honoring promises we make to our clients and to ourselves
  5. We are self-driven, enjoy our jobs and have no boundaries. Hierarchy does not inhibit us. We communicate freely across levels.
  6. We trust and respect each other. We believe in working together as a team, encouraging and demanding performance from each other.
  7. We believe in appreciating each other's contributions and making use of tremendous opportunities for personal growth.
  8. We believe in constantly seeking feedback in order to improve.
  9. We believe in practicing what we preach in the use of technology to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.
  10. We believe in being an equal opportunity employer.



  1. To delight our clients with uncompromisingly high quality services.
  2. To expand our market share continuously.
  3. To be recognized as the role model and authority in our field.
  4. To continuously increase our profitability.
  5. To be the preferred employer in the Information Technology field.
  6. To make a direct contribution to society.
  7. To constantly improve the perceived value gap between IAT and it's competition.


Shocking Facts about the Cost of Computer Training!

You may believe that high quality computer training must be expensive and poor quality cheap. Right?


The following piece of research shows why.

Summary of Findings

38 students of computer training colleges in Nairobi were asked to rate their perception of the quality and price of 10 leading computer-training colleges. Not surprisingly, ratings given by them showed that colleges offering higher quality charged higher prices.

When actual prices charged by these colleges were examined instead of the prices perceived by the participants, it turned out that there was no relationship between price and quality. There were colleges that were rated as being terrible in quality that charged very high prices, just as there were colleges that were rated as excellent in quality and yet charged very competitive price.


Relative Quality

Relative Cost































For instance college A, whose quality was rated to be 32% below average, actually charges 13% above the average price in the market! And IAT, whose quality was rated as

31 % above average quality charges 23% below average price in the market!!!

If we look at colleges C to G whose quality was rated to be just below average, they charge vastly varying prices from 36%below average prices to 46% above average prices.

The conclusion is quite clear! The cost of shopping around could be pretty heavy on your pocket!

And while you are out shopping, watch out for those who promise a lot of learning in a very short duration!

Of course, you could save yourself the bother and come straight to IAT!

Placement Services

Placement assistance is aimed at assisting our students find attachment or job opportunities. For further information contact your Career Counselor. To be eligible for placement a prospective candidate must meet the following criteria:-

  • Fees or Installments should have been paid on time
  • Should have attended courses at IAT
  • Should have sat for Exams at IAT and passed
  • Should have a minimum attendance record of 95%
  • Must not have been suspended from IAT for any reason
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